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Crispy chicken sweet and sour chicken with bell peppers just like your favorite food coloring place. Sweet and Sour Chicken is a common Chinese takeout dish that many of us are hesitant to attempt at home. Most people are intimidated by woks and sweet salted cooking, but it is far simpler to create than you can ever imagine.

This Sweet and Sour Chicken Recipe is so delicious, you’ll want to make it all the time. A soft and sticky sauce coats the chicken, which is then cooked to perfection.

I used to work in an office where they brought in lunch every day. I usually missed lunch and went home for my lunch break, but every now and then I’d sit around and eat some of the lunch that was served that day. I remember getting lunch at a nearby Chinese restaurant one day when I was pregnant with my first kid, so let’s blame it on pregnancy haha. It even smelled fantastic. So I made the decision to have lunch at work that day. I ordered an egg roll and sweet and sour chicken, then sat down at my desk to eat – just to be surprised. It was awful, and I don’t believe I ever tried it.

That’s how I came across this dish all those years ago. It’s been around for over a decade and is always a staple for a reason: it’s delicious. It’s one of the only foods that my whole family enjoys. Yeah, it’s a million times better than takeout sweet and sour chicken! From now on, I’m going to create this Sweet and Sour Chicken Recipe instead of ordering a Chinese takeout!


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One pound. Of chicken, I cut it into small 1-inch strips.

2 medium eggs, let them reach room temp.

1 Cup.Of flour.

2 Cups. Of water, for rice cooking.

2 Cups.Of water.

2 large spoons.Of sunflower oil.

A diced green bell pepper.

A diced red bell pepper.

Sour sauce, I used 8-ounces.

1 Cup.Of corn starch.

1 Cup.Of Basmati rice.

Green onions to garnish


Step 1:

In three different medium bowls, I combined the cornstarch, with flour, and two medium eggs. And using a whisk, I beat carefully the eggs.

Step 2:

After that, I dipped the chicken pieces in this mixture and coated them using this mixture, then dipped in eggs, and finally floured.

Step 3:

And I poured the canola oil into an instant pot, once heated over medium-high heat.

Step 4:

Then, I cooked the coated chicken for around 5 minutes on either side.

Step 5:

Next, I tossed in the diced green and red peppers with sour sauce, and I mixed all.

Step 6:

At this step, it was necessary to make sure that the valve was closed and set the pot to sealing, setting the timer for 3 minutes on high.

Step 7:

Once the timer beeped, I open the valve, and I removed the chicken from the pot, and set it aside.

Step 8:

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And, I placed the Instant Pot into the pot and combined in Basmati rice with 2 cups of water, and I covered, closing well the instant pot.

Step 9:

And I set the timer for around 3 minutes on high, then I let it release for approx. 17 minutes naturally.

Step 10:

Finally, I served the sweet and sour chicken with rice on the side, garnished with chopped green onions.

So please try this Chinese recipe, and be sure that you’ll never ever regret it, it will be one of the famous recipes in your kitchen!

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