Apparently, People Who Fart In Front Of Their Partner Are More Likely To Have A Lasting Relationship

Apparently, People Who Fart In Front Of Their Partner Are More Likely To Have A Lasting Relationship

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Author Leah Decesare recently published Naked Parenting, a book that covers things like the ins, outs, ups, and downs of parenting and maintaining romantic relationships that last forever. You’ll never believe what she said about farting!

Animals – and all other organisms, even if they don’t actually eat their energy sources – eat food to obtain nutrients to burn as energy. Without food, animals would die. We, as humans, mash the good stuff out of food in our digestive systems.

In other words, our teeth squeeze food into smaller pieces, our stomachs use staunch acid to break down food further, and our intestines rely on countless bacteria to extract useful nutrients from the things we consume. One by-product of digestion is flatulence, the scientific term for passing gas – farting!

Humans simply couldn’t break down food without creating gas; it’s an integral part of digestion and such gas must be expelled from the body or else we’d explode – literally. Farts stink so bad at times because of various chemicals created via digestion.

For decades – if not centuries or millennia – farting in public has been considered taboo. The primary reason behind this cultural norm is likely because flatulence stinks!

Another reason to explain why farting is taboo is because people might feel disrespected by us when we expel gases from our body in close proximity to them.

But farting just might be beneficial – in romantic relationships, nonetheless!

Author Leah Decesare recently released Naked Parenting. A few pages of its subject matter includes how farting comfortably around romantic partners could be linked in those particular relationships lasting for a long time.

Decesare remembers the first time she let one rip in front of her current husband and then-boyfriend – she claims that he still remembers it! He allegedly felt closer to her than ever before and, for the first time, genuinely felt that he wanted to marry her.

At this point, the husband began farting in front of Leah, too. Talk about comfortable!

Leah Decesare believes that couples who fart in front of one another show truth, acceptance, and honesty whenever they do so. Most people don’t freely fart in front of other people because they don’t feel like they can trust the public. Couples who fart in front of each other obviously trust one another enough to feel that cutting the proverbial cheese won’t run them off – that’s nothing but comforting.

Decesare shared in her book that empathy for one another is created whenever romantic relationship members pass gas in front of one another.

She even wrote about how celebrity TV doctor Mehmet Oz shared before that holding in farts was unhealthy – it can often lead to bloating, abdominal pain, and cramps.

Believe it or not, the average amount of gas passed in a day’s time is half a liter. That’s an entire water bottle’s worth!

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