2-Ingredient Mixture To Effectively Help Eliminate Earwax And Ear Infections

2-Ingredient Mixture To Effectively Help Eliminate Earwax And Ear Infections

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Modern people are well-aware of the importance of hygiene. Many of them forget to take good care of their ears. The reason is simple – the earwax is not visible (at least not to them), and everything is fine until they are listening well. You are probably aware that experts recommend avoiding Q-tips as simple ear cleaning tools.

But, this doesn’t mean that we should leave the wax that accumulates in the ear drums. The fact is that there are numerous OTC remedies found in pharmacies that can help people remove earwax, but our advice is to use a completely natural remedy that you can prepare in your home.

This remedy is natural and includes only two ingredients – rubbing alcohol and white vinegar. White vinegar has very strong antimicrobial and antibiotic properties, and that’s why it can fight off infections. Rubber alcohol can eliminate more than 80% of aerobic bacterial pollutants that it touches. This is the ideal cleaner and sanitizer.

So, the combo of rubbing alcohol and white vinegar can eliminate infections, keep the ears dry, disintegrate earwax and on top of that, you won’t feel any discomfort or pain when you use it in the ears. Many doctors recommend this remedy for people who have mild or moderate ear infection or earwax accumulation. But, if the infection causes pain and other complications, visit your doctor right away.

Natural Earwax and Ear Infection Remedy

Take equal amounts of rubbing alcohol and white vinegar and mix them well. Use one teaspoon of approximately 5 ml of this solution in one of the ears. Keep your head tilted when you are pouring the remedy. Remain like this for 60 seconds.

In case you are dealing with a perforated eardrum, taking pain relief is a must. This simple, yet effective natural remedy has helped hundreds of people, so it is always a good idea to try it especially if you experience ear infection or an earache.

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