Your 8 Week walking plan for Weight Watchers

Your 8 Week walking plan for Weight Watchers

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Whether you’re a beginner who wants to become a regular walker, an intermediate strider who is serious about reshaping her body, or an advanced trekker ready to take on the ultimate challenge of walking a marathon, we’ve got what you need. You’ll find personalized advice and week-by-week walking routines designed by Judy Molnar, a certified trainer and coach for Iron Girl (an online fitness training program), and plenty of motivation that’ll help you meet your weight-loss goals. Now go ahead and get walking — a healthier you awaits!


You’ve taken the first step — you’ve committed yourself to walking regularly. Here’s how to stay motivated:

Find a buddy. When a friend is relying on you, you’re less likely to cancel, and you’ll look forward to the camaraderie.
Set mini goals. Sign up for a charity walk in your area or challenge yourself to walk an additional block each week.
Make an investment. If you spend some money, you’ll be more likely to walk. Purchase a pair of sneakers, or join a gym for the winter months and walk on the treadmill.
Create a rewards system. Hang a chart on your fridge and log your walks. After six jaunts, reward yourself: download a few walking tunes, get a manicure, or buy a new walking outfit.


Your 8-Week Plan: Focus on Time, Not Distance

Your mission is to make walking a part of your daily life. The first step is simply to get up and get moving. Three days a week you’ll walk for short periods of time and twice a week you’ll choose a favorite cross-training activity such as cycling, dancing, or working out to a DVD. Give yourself 2 days off to allow your muscles to recover (choose days that work best for you).

Your 8 Week walking plan for Weight Watchers 2024 | TIPS


Are you ready to transform your body? This section is for you if you consider yourself a consistent walker (you can walk about a 20-minute mile) but you’re not seeing the physical results you want. Here you’ll boost distance and speed to really reshape your body.

Your 8-Week Plan: Focus on Speed

If you haven’t been seeing results, the variety in this routine will give your body the wake-up call it needs. Each week, allow 2 days off to rest (choose the days that work best for you), and 2 days to do another cardio activity, like hiking or biking. Every other week add an interval walk to your routine: Walk quickly for 2 minutes and then at your normal pace for 2 minutes. Repeat the sequence 5 times for 20 minutes.

Your 8 Week walking plan for Weight Watchers 2024 | TIPS


Prepare yourself for one of the greatest personal victories of all: striding across the finish line of a marathon (26 miles). This program is for you if you’re looking for a challenge and you’ve consistently walked 30 minutes at least 3 times a week for 3 consecutive months.

Your 8 Week walking plan for Weight Watchers 2024 | TIPS

Your 8-Week Plan: Focus on Building Mileage

You’ve already made walking a regular habit. Training for a marathon is a great way to stay dedicated. This routine will help you build endurance, improve your strength, challenge your muscles and get your body marathon ready. Each week you’ll have 2 days of rest (choose the days that best fit your schedule), and 1 day a week choose a cardio activity, such as biking or aerobics.

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