You Probably Didn’t Know This: You Should Never Eat Cucumbers and Tomatoes in the Same Salad!

You Probably Didn’t Know This: You Should Never Eat Cucumbers and Tomatoes in the Same Salad!

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All natural fruits and vegetables are good for you, but you might not be aware that you’re not supposed to mix certain ones! Take cucumbers and tomatoes for example.

Cucumbers and tomatoes are awesome for our body. They are both packed full of water, antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins. However, you’re not supposed to mix them at the same time! This is because one of them has a fast digestion rate, and the other one has a slow digestion rate! When we consume foods with such a difference in digestion rates it causes a lot of side effects. The lighter ingredient will end up passing in the intestine as the first one is completely digested.  The results in the fermentation of the food in your stomach, making it potentially poisonous to you!

Experts warn that cucumbers and tomatoes are not compatible and should never be consumed together. This is a shock because these two ingredients are very popular in American salads. According to the experts, when these 2 ingredients reach the stomach a fermentation process begins. This releases acid into the abdominal cavity for digestion and can cause numerous digestive issues.

They also say that eating fruits after vegetables is not a good idea. This is because fruits need a lot of time to be digested and should never remain in your digestive system for too long. Eating them after a meal can result in fermented wine in your stomach that can lead to acid reflux and other digestive issues.

Another thing we Americans do quite often that we shouldn’t do at all is mixing meats and cheese. Mixing meats and cheese is terrible for your digestive system. They say you should choose only one protein per meal. You should also never mix bread and noodles with orange juice. This is because the acid content can destroy the enzyme responsible for starch digestion.

So, there you have it – you should never make your salads with cucumbers and tomatoes again. Who knew that two very nutritious foods could have such a negative effect on your digestive system. A prime example of why we should all stay informed on the latest health news.

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