The Black Healing Salve That Amish People Have Used For Centuries to Treat Almost Any Skin Problem

The Black Healing Salve That Amish People Have Used For Centuries to Treat Almost Any Skin Problem

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The Amish people have used the black healing salve for centuries. They called it “Hilla schemer” or the “healing smear,” and used it to eliminate toxins and foreign objects from the skin, like wooden or metal splinters.

It is a mixture of wax, essential oils, and tar, or activated charcoal, and it effectively detoxifies the skin and treats various skin issues.

Tar is a successful remedy for minor skin issues, like rashes and burns, as it accelerates the healing process.

This healing salve is excellent for treating skin tags, cystic acne and insect/spider bites, boils, and the removal of thorns and glass shards. It is also beneficial in the treatment of ingrown toenails.

Apparently, this salve is also helpful in the treatment of skin cancer. Yet, make sure you do not confuse this one with some other black healing salves you can find on the Internet.

This salve is a completely natural remedy, and their recipes are more potent, contain chloride zinc and powdered bloodroot, and their effectiveness is not scientifically proven.

Here is how to prepare it:

Black Healing Salve recipe:


Coconut oil (1/2 c) – it has powerful anti-inflammatory, skin moisturizing, antibacterial, antiseptic properties and accelerate the healing of the skin

Activated charcoal (3 teaspoons) – It removes toxins and foreign bodies from the skin and soothes the stinging sensation due to poison ivy/insect bites

Beeswax (2 teaspoons) – it improves the overall texture of the salve and acts as a binding agent

Calendula oil (10 drops) – it has potent anti-inflammatory, skin moisturizing, and antibacterial qualities, and accelerates the healing of the skin.

Castor oil (1/2 c) – it treats acne and has strong anti-inflammatory and skin moisturizing properties

Bentonite clay (3 teaspoons) – its benefits are similar to the one of activated charcoal, and it also eliminates the excess grease


In a bigger bowl, mix the activated charcoal, essential oils, and the bentonite clay. Then, melt the beeswax, add the calendula oil, and place the bowl over the pot of hot water.

Then, add this mixture to the previous one, and transfer the entire mixture into an airtight glass jar and leave it to cool. You can use it for several weeks, but do not keep the salve in a place with a direct sunlight.

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