Scientists Urge Women To Ditch Their Bras, Here’s Why!

Scientists Urge Women To Ditch Their Bras, Here’s Why!

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From a young age, women are taught by society that they must wear a bra. From advertising to television, the garment is promoted everywhere to everyone from pre-teens to more mature women. It’s ingrained into our heads from adolescence, and every single woman probably has a drawer full of them. However, new findings are proving that even scientists believe we need to stop wearing them, both for health reasons and for the fact that they might not help us as much as we believe they do.

A Link To Cancer

Important new research has revealed that wearing bras excessively can actually be connected to developing malignant breast cancer, and even non-malignant breast fibrocystic disease. This could be the most critical reason to start saying no to wearing your bras.

Scientists Urge Women To Ditch Their Bras, Here’s Why! 2024 | TIPS

Although you may feel that your breasts look amazing in a bra, the price we pay as women who wear them regularly just isn’t worth it. Tumors from these diseases cause extreme pain and no one should have to risk going through the trauma of developing them just for the sake of wearing a bra.

According to Dr. Gregory Heigh, 90% of females can discover great improvements in their fibrocystic breast disease when they start ditching these garments. His research also shows that there’s a connection between lymph drainage damage and wearing a bra excessively, another painful reason to drop the habit.

What About Gravity?

A French study, conducted by professor Jean-Denis Rouillon, observed breast changes by taking measurements from 330 women aged 18-35 over a 15-year-long period of time.

Scientists Urge Women To Ditch Their Bras, Here’s Why! 2024 | TIPS

Rouillon’s research showed that those from the study who chose to wear bras, even from youth, had absolutely no positive effects towards the support of their breasts, back pains, or the sag of the breasts. These findings basically help us understand that wearing a bra has no advantages to our medical, physical, or anatomical health and actually doesn’t help our breasts defy gravity.

In fact, we may now have evidence that actually shows that bras have the opposite effect we believe they do. The same study claims that women who chose to avoid wearing bras actually showed a lift in their breasts measuring 7 millimeters over time, proving that wearing a bra is not the solution to saggy breasts.

Looking for an excuse to ditch your bra? Science may have just found one for you! It seems that the bras we have been programmed to wear might not actually help us as much as we previously thought.

If you think about avoiding the garment next time you get dressed, you might just avoid health complications while being more comfortable! Pass on this important knowledge to your friends and loved ones now!

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