Pick A Stone And Discover What It Reveals About You

Pick A Stone And Discover What It Reveals About You

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Which stone is your favorite? Which stone really stands out the most to you?

Take a moment to look at the stones in the image below. Try not to think too hard just look and pick as quickly as you can. Continue reading to find out what the stone you picked says about you.

Stone Number 1:

This is Opalite and it shows that you need some healing in your life. You are closed off on the physical or mental level and something needs to be done about this. You need to find a place where you are able to achieve inner peace.

Stone Number 2:

This is Malachite it is one of the prettiest stones on this list and shows us that you will be experiencing a big change in your life very soon. You need to reflect on this and take the time to make sure you are where you need to be in life.

Stone Number 3:

This is a Sun Stone and it shows us that you are ready for whatever life is going to throw at you. You are a warm and bubbly person who can handle anything. You are overly optimistic about well, everything.

Stone Number 4:

This is a Mahogany Obsidian Stone and it tells us that you are dealing with something on an inner level. You need to break free of any unneeded habits and find yourself. Stop being so jealous of others and look at all you have in front of you.

Stone Number 5:

This is Howlite and if you like this stone the most you need to be on the look out for something new coming in your life.

Stone Number 6:

This is Dalmation Jasper and tells us that you are seeking out too many adventures in this life. Sometimes it is okay to settle down and you have not quite grasped that yet. Having fun is all fine and dandy but spending time at home with those you love is also important.

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