Learn How to Make Delicious Homemade Bread in a Frying Pan

Learn How to Make Delicious Homemade Bread in a Frying Pan

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The first thing that I could remember from my childhood is visiting my grandparent’s home and enjoying the smell of homemade bread.

There is no doubt that a loaf of homemade bread in the oven smells better than any other food. So, why don’t we refresh our memory and enjoy the pleasant smell of homemade bread once again?

Many people buy bread from the nearest store thinking that they do not have the time to make this delicious bread and that the process of its preparation is too difficult.

Well, we have some great news for you since we are going to show a simple and easy recipe that will not take much of your time.

What is more, you will only need a few ingredients that are easily available or you already have them in your kitchen. So, see the recipe below!

How to Make Delicious Homemade Bread:

Needed Ingredients

1 package of yeast
A glass of warm water
½ a tablespoon of baking powder
½ a tablespoon of sunflower oil
½ a tablespoon of salt
3 cups of flour
A few drops of olive oil


Mix the flour, yeast and water in a bowl in order to get a homogenous mixture. Let it stand for 15 minutes so it can rise.

Then, you should add the salt and oil and 2 cups of flour and knead again. Let the dough stand for 2 hours so it can rise double in size.

Next, you should cut the dough in 8 pieces and start kneading them into shape. Use a sheet of paper to cover each one and let them stand for 30 minutes.

Now, use a rolling pin to make 12 cm. circles and make sure they are 5mm. wide.

Heat some olive oil and apply it on every piece on both sides. Then, you should put them in a skillet lubricated with olive oil. Bake them for 10 minutes at 240 C.

Your delicious bread is ready! You can combine it with mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese, and eggs. However, you can experiment and find the combination that is best for you!

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