It’s Important Not to Wear the Same Bra Every Day

It’s Important Not to Wear the Same Bra Every Day

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Bras. They’re often the Most Unexceptional and Vaguely Unpleasant part of a woman’s day. While bras can often feel uncomfortable and restricting, finding the perfect bra is exactly the opposite – it makes you look and feel so fabulous, you never want to take it off! But even if you have found your ultimate brazier, it’s important to remember that you can’t wear this perfect bra every single day. No matter how Barely Noticeable it makes you feel, you’re actually ruining your bra by wearing it so frequently. And you don’t want to see your luxurious lingerie in the trash, do you? We think not.

First and foremost, you have to find your ideal fit. You need a bra that gets you, that supports you, and that makes you feel like you can take over the world.

To find that elusive fit, you need to follow a few simple steps.

To Find Your Perfect Bra
Step 1: First, find your band size in inches. Do this by taking a measuring tape and wrapping it around your back to measure right beneath your breasts.

Step 2: Bring the tape from around your back again, but this time measure the fullest part of your breast.

Step 3: Find the difference between your band and cup size; each inch difference brings you up an additional cup size.

Make sure you try on every bra you’re considering buying. Your size is a guideline and you can use it loosely to fit the type of bra you’re purchasing.

When you’re trying your potential bra on, make sure you’re putting it on correctly – yes, there is a wrong way to put on a bra.

To Put On a Bra Correctly
Step 1: Start by putting the straps over your shoulder.
Step 2: Pull your breasts into the cups and hook the bra in the back.
Step 3: For larger breasts, complete these two steps, and then try the “Stoop, Scoop, and Swoop” method to get them into place. Bend over, pull your breasts into place, then run your hands along the top of the cup to make sure there’s no spillage.

Your breasts should never look gaping or crushed inside your cups. A good rule of thumb to make sure the band fits well is that two fingers should be able to fit under the band behind your back, no problem.

If you’ve found the bra of your dreams, first of all, congratulations. Now you have to take care of your soulmate to keep it around.

The first rule is to never wear your beautiful bra too much. The band of your bra is where you get the most support, but the band is elastic and will begin to stretch out over time. The more frequently you wear your bra, the more it will stretch, and the less supported you’ll be.

Bye, bye, perfect bra.

To properly wash your bra, make sure to wash them on a gentle, cold cycle (or hand wash your bras in cold water), and hang-dry them only. NEVER put your bras in the dryer.

If you follow these steps, your bra could last up to 8 months! And the more time with a bra that makes you feel fantastic is time well-spent.

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