Have A Close Look At This Woman At An Airport. Her Photo Is Going VIRAL!

Have A Close Look At This Woman At An Airport. Her Photo Is Going VIRAL!

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Many of us recognise that we go through our day-to-day lives and we don’t really give much thought to others. It’s a sad reality of life these days, when we tend to be so busy that the niceties in life just get pushed to the side. From time to time, however, you hear about something amazing and it can really change your mind about the world around us.

When you look at the woman in this picture, you may not give it much thought but the fact of the matter is, it is going viral for an amazing reason. A father was checking in for a flight with his two-year-old daughter and he found out that his daughter would not fly for free. When he ordered the ticket, she was only one-year-old but since that time, she turned two. He couldn’t afford the ticket and he took her aside, obviously distraught over the situation.

As he went off to the side and tried to make a few phone calls, he was grabbing his head and hugging his daughter. You could really tell that he was emotional over the situation. That is when a stranger approached the man and, after talking with him for a while, she went to the counter and said she wanted to buy the ticket for the little girl.

The agent informed the woman that the last minute price for a ticket is $749 but the woman pulled out her credit card and paid the full price without batting an eye.

The agent said that she had goosebumps and the man was overcome with emotion, offering to repay the woman. The woman, however, just kept telling him not to worry about it. She was more interested in helping the man in his time of need, regardless of the cost.

The story was posted online on a website that talks about random acts of kindness. People were asked to share the story of this woman’s kindness and they did so an amazing way.

Just a couple days later, it had more than 165,000 likes and 32,000 shares. Hundreds of people were commenting about how it touched their hearts and how inspirational the woman was.

One user even said she knew the woman in the picture. She had the following to say:

“I won’t share who this lady is. But I do know her,” she writes. “I know her family kids and grandkids get together frequently to discuss how they can use the abundance and blessings they get to serve and give back to others. She is an inspiration every time I see her and is constantly giving freely. She is so full of Love for everyone and does what is needed without being asked.”

H/T: Opposing Views

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