50 Amazing Uses of Vaseline That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of!

50 Amazing Uses of Vaseline That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of!

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Before we start with this article, and show you the 50 incredible things you can do with Vaseline, you should know that Vaseline is super healthy, natural and safe product. You should also know that Vaseline has many health benefits for your skin, nails and hair. A lot of women in the world use Vaseline every day. Here are 50 good reasons why you should start using Vaseline every day:

  1. If you wish to have smooth and soft elbows, apply some Vaseline on your elbows.
  2. Apply some Vaseline on your cuticles few times a day. Your nails will look much better.
  3. You can also use Vaseline if your lips are chapped.
  4. Apply Vaseline on your eyelashes 30 minutes before you go to bed. It will make your eyelashes longer and thicker.
  5. Massage your feet every night before you go to sleep. It will make your feet smooth and gentle.
  6. Before you shower, make a peeling with sea salt and Vaseline and use it.
  7. You can prevent your teeth sticking to the lips, just by applying some Vaseline on them.
  8. Of you can do it the other way around. Just apply some Vaseline onto your lips to prevent the teeth from sticking to the lips.
  9. Vaseline is very useful for massaging your shoulders.
  10. You can also use Vaseline as a make-up removal tool. All you have to do is soak a cotton ball into Vaseline and gently rub off the make-up off your skin.
  11. Put some Vaseline before you go out. During the cold and winter days, Vaseline will protect your skin from the cold weather.
  12. If you wish to create shining effect, you should apply Vaseline before you put eye shadow.
  13. Apply some Vaseline on your cheeks and you will look younger.
  14. Just mix Vaseline and lipstick to make natural cream brusher for your cheeks. But, you need to make sure you are using organic lipstick, so you can apply it on your face.
  15. If you have difficulties with taking any ring off your fingers, Vaseline is the right choice for you.
  16. Vaseline also helps with bushy eyebrows. All you have to do is take a clean lash wand and comb your eyebrows.
  17. You can use Vaseline as mascara alternative. Apply some Vaseline on your eye lashes, and it will make them more natural and give them defined dark look.
  18. You can rub in a drop of Vaseline through the scalp before shampooing. It will make your hair shiny.
  19. You should apply some Vaseline on your skin after shaving. It will soothe and smooth your skin.
  20. Vaseline is very useful when you dye your hair. Just apply some Vaseline around the hairline and onto the ears before you dye your hair, if you have any problems with blemishes or burning sensation. This method is 100% effective and harmless.
  21. Take a piece of clean cloth and apply some Vaseline on it. Use that clean cloth to clean your shoes and they will shine as new.
  22. Just warm up Vaseline and you can use it as a night cream.
  23. Stop using the old fashioned lip gloss and replace it with all natural Vaseline. Your lips will be shiny and they will look much fuller.
  24. Mix some Vaseline and a bit of Kool-Aid powder. You will get colored and flavored all-natural lip gloss.
  25. Or, you can mix Vaseline with one chocolate chip. Put the mixture in microwave until is melted. After it’s cooled, apply it on your lips if you want them to be much softer.
  26. Your perfume will last much longer. Just apply Vaseline on the area where you usually apply your favorite perfume.
  27. Vaseline is also very useful and helpful if you have problems with acne, because it doesn’t clog the pores, but it fills the gaps in lipid barriers, which will make your skin shiny and it will even the complexion.
  28. Vaseline is also very good skin moisturizer.
  29. You can make the skin on your knees soft again. All you have to do is apply Vaseline on your knees.
  30. Put some Vaseline on your fingers and go through your hair. It will give your hair that messy hair look.
  31. If you have problems with dry and split hair ends, then you should apply a bit of Vaseline onto them and your problem is solved.
  32. You can use Vaseline to clean make-up stains from clothes. All you have to do is rub in some Vaseline on the stain and rinse it. The stains will disappear in seconds.
  33. Apply some Vaseline onto the nail polish bottles and it will prevent dying of the nail polish on the cap.
  34. You can apply Vaseline under the cuticles before you to a manicure. You will feel less pain this way and your nail beds will look great.
  35. If you have problems with scaly skin which appears due to washing, just apply some Vaseline. This is great for your skin, because Vaseline fills the lines with vitamins and reduces the symptoms.
  36. Do you have pain in your ears when you wear your earrings? No problem, just apply Vaseline on the ear lobes and put the earrings more easily and you will feel no pain at all.
  37. Vaseline is very useful and it has a healing effect in lesions caused by poison ivy.
  38. People who suffer from the atopic eczema condition should use Vaseline. It’s extremely beneficial for them.
  39. You can apply some Vaseline on new tattoos. Just apply some Vaseline on the newly tattooed area, rub it gently and it will give you nice and cool feeling.
  40. Rub a small amount of Vaseline over your polished nails. It will give them new and shiny look again.
  41. You can mix some eye shadow and Vaseline to get new colors. Or you can get more solid eye shadow, so it will have richer color and texture.
  42. You can mix Vaseline with your skin lotion.
  43. You can apply some Vaseline on your lips, wait for 5 minutes and then brush your lips gently with a toothbrush. Your lips will become smoother than ever.
  44. Vaseline is rich in vitamins which will strengthen your fingernails and make them stronger. Just apply some Vaseline on your fingernails.
  45. Vaseline also acts very well against chaffing. Just apply some Vaseline instead of lotion on the sensitive areas prone to chaffing and the problem will be solved in no time.
  46. Vaseline is also very helpful for women who have had some cosmetic surgery. Vaseline will help and it will speed up the healing process.
  47. It’s also very useful if you suffer from scaling and itching due to dandruff. All you have to do is apply Vaseline onto your scalp before shampooing.
  48. You can use Vaseline to remove false eyelash glue. You won’t feel any pain during this process.
  49. Apply some Vaseline on the dry spots of your body before you apply sun lotions, and you will prevent uneven tanning.
  50. You can apply Vaseline all over your body during fights, and it will work great against dryness.

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