3 Delicious Juice Recipes To Relieve Tendonitis And Soothe Inflammation

3 Delicious Juice Recipes To Relieve Tendonitis And Soothe Inflammation

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It feels like there is nothing worse than dealing with joint pain, arthritis induced pain and tendonitis.

People are unable to walk or even perform their daily activities. Pay more attention to the signs your body sends you, and treat your inflammation.
Inflammatory processes cause pain.

These may be your body’s natural mechanisms, but chronic inflammation is something you should worry about.

Don’t stuff yourself with medication, and eat more fresh fruits and veggies that come packed with an immense anti-inflammatory power.
We give you 3 tasty juice recipes. Try them, and your pain will be gone for good.

1. Golden sun juice

It’s an anti-inflammatory juice that relieves joint pain, tendonitis, and arthritis pain. This juice is made from ingredients with anti-inflammatory effect and nutrients that boost digestion and cleanse the liver.
Peel your lemon and pineapple, and remove the seeds of your bell peppers. Chunk up the ingredients, and juice.


½ pineapple
2 yellow bell peppers
4 celery stalks
½ lemon
Ginger root (1 inch piece)
2. Inflammation-soothing juice

It’s a nice and simple recipe, and you need just four ingredients. This anti-inflammatory juice is delicious and soothing. Vitamin K in kale stimulates blood circulation, and thus reduces chronic inflammation in patients.


½ pineapple
10-12 big kale leaves
1 cucumber
½ lemon
3. Strawberry apple delight

Antioxidants in strawberries reduce inflammation. Lime boosts the power of this remedy. Juice the following ingredients, and enjoy your soothing juice.


2 large Fuji/Gala apples
3 cups strawberries
1 lime
Peel the lime, and wash the other two ingredients. You can also use the strawberry leaves. Use the same ingredients to make yourself a nice smoothie.

Drink your inflammation-relieving juices twice a day, and your inflammation will disappear instantly.


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