This is why you should wear socks while sleeping!

This is why you should wear socks while sleeping!

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Keep your socks in bed for this reason
Sleeping with socks: one finds it awful, the other swears by it. But is it good for you now, or can you better take off socks before you crawl under the wool? Neurologist Jan den Heijer of Medical Center Leeuwarden has done research on this and gives us the redemptive answer. What seems? You can best keep your socks on while sleeping!

Taking off your socks before you go to bed will no longer be necessary.

Night’s rest
Den Heijer’s research shows that wearing socks during sleep only promotes your night’s sleep. The neurologist therefore advises his patients with sleeping problems to wear socks in bed. He says: “It is absolutely meaningful. Warm feet promote falling asleep. ” In order to be able to sleep well your body temperature must be low, your skin temperature must be high. This is also the reason why we sleep with a blanket over us. Den Heijer’s research showed that people slept earlier when they were wearing socks and therefore had warm feet.  It is only not wise to wear socks with ice-cold feet. The real ice clogs do not benefit from wearing socks because the cold is isolated. You first have to heat your feet.

A disadvantage of wearing socks in bed is that they can pinch. The top edge of the sock may be too tight and thus hinder the blood supply to your feet. Of course you want to avoid this and that is why it is wise to choose socks with a loose top or special bed socks.

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